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Nostalgic lifestyle

The new furnishing theme Historical Vintage of the Soleil Bleu collection focuses on a nostalgic lifestyle with a classic and exquisite taste, expressing cosiness, tradition and a love of detail in interior schemes. The characterful fabric creations convey an elegant and authentic living atmosphere. Designs with a washed-out and handmade look seem initially unfinished but transform into contemporary fabric interpretations of elegant character.

Floral Vintage

The highlight of this year’s Soleil Bleu collection is the decorative embroidery ADORABLE. Inspiration has been drawn from the historical embroideries of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The trend towards leaves and grasses in decorative interior schemes comes into its own in the lavishly worked leaf motifs. Delicate meadow blossoms apply charming colour reflectances. The quality basis is linen, which sets an elegant contrast to the viscose embroidery yarn with its silky gloss. Adorable is available in a total of 2 impressive colourways.

Pretiosa Vintage

In contrast to a classic chevron, PRETIOSA displays an irregular chevron design that ebbs and flows like the tide. The fluffy chenille yarn in the weft imparts a very natural impression and captivates with an extremely soft feel owing to a mixture of texturised polyester and acetate – a composition that renders Pretiosa washable.

PROTAGONISTE is the ideal counterpart in the segment of flat wovens, both in terms of colours and quality. The article consists of a linen/cotton/viscose blend. Both articles distinguish themselves by very high rub counts and are thus suitable for heavy use.

Golden Vintage

The elegant embroidery ACAPELLA features the theme “Golden Vintage”. Abstaining from intensive gloss, the surface in brushed gold and the antique patina effects lend this new quality very casual splendour.

The Golden Vintage theme also played a decisive role when developing the three room-high qualities ESPACE, ÉTERNELLE and EFFACÉ. The combination of brushed and glossy comes to the fore. All articles are room-high and can be washed. Please observe the care instructions.

ESPACE displays a jacquard woven, graphic pattern, tone-on-tone with the ground. Precious satin sections contrast with the structured linen ground. 10 charming hues are available.


This is a small selection of the different prints, patterns, colours and textures you will find in the Soleil Bleu 'Pretiosa' collection. Be inspired and discover the wonderful world of Soleil Bleu.

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