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Flying to Montreux


Ever since the beginning of the 19th century the region of the Montreux Riviera – a small paradise on earth – has fascinated many artists and writers searching for inspiration, calmness and the beauty of nature.

Not only the extraordinary location of the city of Montreux, situated on Lake Geneva, surrounded by huge mountains, elegant mansions with passionately tended gardens and private landing stages, but also the beauty of the subtropical vegetation and the international reputation of the area have provided inspiration for Soleil Bleu's collection “Flying to Montreux”.

Soleil Bleu Classic

With the two upholstery collection books MONTREUX and CARDINAL. In addition, five appealing decoration fabrics are offered in extraordinary Soleil Bleu style. A small group of plain and also patterned linen articles completes this segment. The colour focus is on light off-white and soft grey tones combined with warm shades of gold.

Soleil Bleu light

Soleil Bleu light comprises the collection book LAUSANNE that mixes and matches washable upholstery and decoration fabrics. Every article has a very good price/performance ratio. Bronze-coloured hues combine with bold        fuchsia as the dominant main colours.

Soleil Bleu CS

is offered in the collection book GRAND PALAIS featuring ten excellent Trevira CS articles for an elegant interior ambiance. Colours range from hues of charming gold, extraordinary red and fresh blue through to brown, caramel, cream, white and black as neutral counterparts.


This is only a small selection of the different prints, patterns, colours and textures you will find in the Soleil Bleu "Flying to Montreux" collection. Be inspired and discover the wonderful and varied world of Soleil Bleu.

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